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i b kat. rawr.

i b kat. rawr.
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katrina's the name

Hey there. I am Katrina, better known as Kat (22). I'm attending college in the fabulous state of Washington, hopefully majoring in English Lit. What the fuck was I thinking. Seriously. Anywho, I'm not on here very often, but I enjoy chatting with my good buddy Jess. We used to go to school together for awhile, until she left me graduated like a good person should. Bahaha. I enjoy an assortment of things, but mostly I spend my time reading and writing little short stories, which will never get published EVER because I think my writing is the dumbest thing to ever be read. End of story. I am average, if you hadn't already noticed. Yes, simple as that. I get by with what I've got. No special gimicks or tricks, just me. College is forcing me to pay attention to the details, but I still refuse. I like to write and I read a helluva lot of literature (mostly because I have to, but also because I enjoy it.) I could be classified as a nerd, and yes I'm okay with that.

p.s- everybody poops. kthx.

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